Wednesday, 9 January 2013

iPhone 5 Raffle

Welcome ! Iphone5th Giveaway just opened registrations for the big raffle in which you can win a beautiful iPhone 5 !

All you need to do is follow the steps below and you get a registration ticket for the raffle.

The iPhone 5 is a 32GB edition and if you win you can choose the color ( black or white ).

More about the raffle:

  • Participation to this raffle is Completely free of charge.
  • We won't ask you for private informations but if you win we will need your shipping address.
  • If you follow the steps below you will get a ticket on which you'll find:
    1. Ticket number
    2. Ticket code
  • The winning Ticket Number will be announced on our facebook page.
  • If you got the winning ticket you will have to contact us on facebook.
  • We will ask you the Ticket Code and if it is correct you may give us the shipping address in order to get your iPhone 5 in maximum two weeks( depending on where you live ).

Why are we doing this ?

  • The answer is that we are a team that wants to be hired by a company and the organization of this raffle is our hiring test.
  • The only thing that is put on our disposal by this company is an iPhone 5 ( black or white ).
  • The company wants a team that is successful with any resources they get. In this case we get only a product (an iPhone 5 32GB black or white) and we have to make a raffle with this prize in order to demonstrate that we can handle any kind of challange they give us.
  • The challange is to manage with what we get free on the internet (like host and domain) and our skills.
  • Our hiring status will be influenced by the success of this raffle so you not only get a free iPhone 5 but you will also help our team to be hired.

The winning ticket will be chosen when we have given 1000 tickets !

Our Facebook page is:

iPhone 5 Raffle 2013. For support please visit our Facebook page.